Formby Hall Golf Club

Dress Code

[ Revised April 2010 ]

At Formby Hall Golf Resort and Spa we wish to preserve a "smart but casual" approach based on clothing that is principally designed for golf. As however dress sense is a highly subjective topic we would appreciate your support in maintaining the following standards of dress:




Denim jeans, tracksuits and military style attire [ combats ] are not considered appropriate on the golf course or in the clubhouse.



In the summer months Bermuda length tailored shorts, knee length or short white sports socks [ not football socks ] may be worn by male members and guests. Ladies may wear ankle length socks.



Only collared shirts / roll neck / turtle neck tops can be worn and must be tucked into trousers or shorts at all times. Football or rugby style shirts and tracksuits and hooded tops are strictly NOT permitted.



Golf shoes only are allowed on the Old Course but suitable training shoes may be worn on the PGA Par 3 course.



Caps should not be worn the wrong way round [ i.e. the peak at the back or side ] and must not be worn in the club house.


Mobile Phones

Mobile phones must be switched off or turned to silent / vibrate mode both on the course and in the club house.


Changing Facilities

The club house has every facility required for changing into and from golfing apparel. Changing in the car park is not permitted.



It is expected that the implementation of this dress code will be followed with courtesy and common sense - especially as regards to guests and visitors. However, those who knowingly disregard the dress code will be asked by a member of staff to leave the course or club house. Formby Hall Golf Resort is a place to relax with friends and family where people and lifestyle matter and traditions count.

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